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Every item is made in America, and ships within one day of ordering. All CP33 accessories are custom designed and are proprietary to the CP33. None of the items on this site constitute an NFA item, or a firearm. None of the fore grips constitute a vertical fore grip. All fore grips are angled fore grips (AFGs), which, as of spring 2021, are legal to attach to a pistol, and do not turn the pistol into an SBR or an AOW that requires NFA registration.


 *** NOTE ***

Due to outside circumstances, and being unable to meet customer demand or maintain customer service to a level I am proud of, I will be slowly phasing out most of my products, keeping only that are the most popular. This is so that I can maintain processing times and customer service levels. I apologize for any issues that this may cause, and for any customers who felt neglected in the last few months due to sporadic customer service. Thank you for being a great group of people. Currently, I am only still selling the items that are listed as IN-STOCK, in the field immediately below this notice.




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CP33 Fore End Collection

CP33 End Plate Collection

Need help in choosing the right parts?

Not only does Cornwell Design Co. offer a wide array of available products with super fast shipping time, we also love to make custom stuff that our customers love. If you have any ideas for products, or requests for new parts, or if you just have an STL that you want me to print in addition to your regular order, please let me know! I would be happy to accommodate. 

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