KelTec CP33 “Iron” Sights – Plastic Sight Risers


Uses proprietary OEM factory night sights. These 13mm risers allow the shooter to use the OEM sights while braced.


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Uses proprietary OEM factory night sights. These 13mm risers allow the shooter to use the OEM sights while braced.


These “iron” sights are printed with 99% infill PLA+, and are mounted to the CP-33 using their proprietary Picatinny notches that would otherwise house the night-glo iron sights.

These iron sight accessories raise the factory iron sights by 13mm, allowing you to maintain a perfect sight radius over a suppressor, FarrowTech brace, folding brace, or charging handle adapter.

These sights use the same exact parts that the gun originally comes with, and allow for fast target acquisition too. Since it uses the original parts, the sights are actually adjustable. The same pin, screw, and spring layout is found on the Cornwell Design iron sights as were found on the top rail of the gun.

With the added bonus of looking like a super cool operator, these iron sights function and fire exactly like real iron sights, and it ships with necessary hardware for installation as well.

Mount directly on top of your current iron-sight configuration to allow suppressed or shouldered shooting.

Does not require a tax stamp or any NFA approvals.

Ships with hardware. Ships with both front and rear iron sights. Only works with KelTec CP-33.


To disassemble the CP33’s rear optic, use a paperclip or your smallest punch pin to drive out the pin that runs horizontally at the front of the optic (the side closest to the muzzle of the gun). Then, use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the screw, being sure to not lose track of the spring that it comes with.

Then, unscrew the M4 hex bolts that come with the sight. Do not remove the hex nut on the side. With the charging handle locked back, slide the rear sight riser into place, then screw the bolts in. Then, using a plastic-headed hammer, align the optic in the riser at a 45-30 degree angle from flat. Once the pin is driven in, use a pair of tweezers to stand up the spring in its channel/detent/hole, then press down the optic with the spring inside. Holding it down, screw in the screw that the CP33 used.

The whole piece is essentially just a reproduction of the exact same measurements, but moved 13mm upwards.

Please message me through Etsy if you have any questions.


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