AFG w/ Thumb Stop Attachment for CP33 – for righties


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When accessorizing your Kel-Tec CP-33 pistol, an angled fore grip with a thumb rest is all you need to enable tactical shooting with a steady hand. This angled fore grip is specifically designed to maximize surface area of hand-to-gun contact, and features right-side Picatinny rails to allow mounting of optics and other accessories, and on the left side is a thumb rest (or thumb stop) at the perfect angle to enable legally-unscrupulous shooting.

This angled fore grip is NFA-compliant for pistols, and features a 60 degree inclination that allows you to mount it to a pistol without violating any US laws. The grip is not 90 degrees to the barrel, which is the metric by which the ATF classifies vertical fore grips. It also allows no full-hand-grasp purchase around the grip, meaning it can only be handled with your thumb up over the receiver of the weapon.

The AFG here has a set of ridges to maximize grip, and features a standard MLOK attachment system which allows you to mount it to the fore end of your CP-33 pistol. Two MLOK mounting screws and necessary hardware are included in this package.

Shoot your .22 in style with this 3d printed attachment that will be sure to turn heads and allow better shooting.


Video of proper installation, PLEASE WATCH:

The attachment mechanism of this model uses the proprietary layout of the CP33, which can make the process a bit tricky, but is more than made up for in strength and stability. When you first receive your AFG, the MLOK hardware will already be included and threaded in.

1.) To begin, unscrew the MLOK hardware (not the screws) until it is just barely threaded onto the screws, only by a turn or so.

2.) Align the MOK hardware to where both pieces are facing forwards, aligned under the MLOK slot.

3.) Press the front corner of the AFG (the part that is closes to the muzzle) to the front of the weapon. Gently pry apart the picatinny rails so that the internal rails of the AFG fall into the grooves of the CP33 fore end.

4.) Slowly tilt the AFG into place, until the internal rails snap into the groves.

5.) Push the AFG as far back as it will go on the fore end. It is imperative that you followed the instructions on step 1., otherwise, you will not be able to get the MLOK hardware to “catch” on the inside of the fore end of the CP33.

6.) Screw in to tighten. If you suspect that the MLOK hardware did not catch on the inside of the fore end, repeat from step 1, being sure the unthread the MLOK hardware as far as it will go while still being aligned straight under the MLOK slot of the fore end.

7.) Take your cool new space gat to the range and post a picture on Instagram, tagging @cornwelldesignco when you do!

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